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Leeza Gibbons Sheer Cover
How To Simply "Brush Away Your Flaws" in Minutes!

Sheer Cover 


Leeza Gibbons Cosmetics 

Leeza Gibbons couldn’t resist when the opportunity came along to introduce Sheer Cover® to women of all ages. Thousands of women have since revealed to Leeza how Sheer Cover® Mineral Makeup has made them feel more beautiful, empowered and confident. Particularly heartwarming to Leeza were the women who said that they felt better about themselves after trying Sheer Cover® and thanked her for rebuilding their self-esteem.

“I’m hearing poignant stories of sheer courage and sheer determination – that transformative energy is powerful. Make up no longer has to be about hiding something. Sheer Cover® makes you look like you have nothing to hide.”Leeza Gibbons


True Shade Technology™ 
"It Looks like Your Skin,
Not Makeup"

  • CONCEALMENT Covering Circles under Eyes with no Oils, Perfumes, Dyes or Talcs, just gentle non-irritating, even for sensitive skin.

  • FEELS LIGHT Covers in a Sheer way; Allowing Skin to Breathe; Not heavy or cakey; Actually Deflects Light Away from Flaws.

  • LOOK LIKE A MOVIE STAR Anti-Oxidants to Protect Your Skin from Damaging Free Radicals. "You get to the end of the day and still look like you just walked out of the house".

  • FIXES IMPERFECTIONS Protects Against the Visible Signs of Premature Aging With SPF 15. "People say I'm looking younger".


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 I want to look younger and natural
like a Movie Star!

Leeza Gibbons Sheer Cover- Testimonials

I absolutely love it because I feel like im not even wearing makeup. I have people ask me how I can leave the house without any makeup on and I tell them that im wearing sheer cover. It looks so good and it lasts so long. I go to the tanner a lot and it never sweats off.

Not only do I love the foundation but the concealer, blush and eyeshadows too. I have EXTREMELY dry, flaky skin and sheer cover never makes it worse or look caky. The price might seem a little high, but it is defiantly worth it. I love sheer cover and will never go back to anything else. Lisa W. of MI

I have extremely sensitive skin, and Sheer Cover is an amazing product. I got a 30 day supply, with the cleanser, lotion, eye and lip compact, the duo concealer, all the brushes, mini kabuki brush, and a carrying case.

The light shade ended up being too dark, and the company even sent me a brand new Frost shade in a large container for free, and I didn't even have to send the other ones back.

They charged my credit card for my orders, no more, no less.  I ordered it all last June. This product is fantastic if you have sensitive skin, you barely have to use any at all, and you barely feel it on your face. Just be sure to use the cleaner AND moisturizer or it'll look and feel funny. 5 stars!!! Katey L. of NY

Sheer Cover makeup - tan shade 2

Okay ladies, I really like this product.  I ordered it. I got the full kit. Now let me remind you I am a African American with Dark skin tone, I have oily/dry skin and its very hard to find a shade that matches. But I have found it.

I have tried, like many of you different brands and they make my skin look Orange....yes orange even the ones that say it is for African American women. Sheer Cover is the one! In this order I got the primer I am excited to use it. Oh, I also got a free eyeshadow kit very nice. Felicha J. IL

Mineral Powder and Concealer - medium shade 2

I have been using Sheer Cover mineral powder for 9 months. I have tried several other brands and can honestly say I love how my skin looks and I have a lot less break out since using it. 

I have larger pores, uneven tones and I am a hard color match. Sheer Cover blends so well, colors are great (I have tried several of them) and it makes me look more natural and younger! I also like the eyeshadow, it is great for oily eyelids. I use all the brushes they have sent me and so far I like them too. I am very happy with Sheer coverTina R. of OH


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